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I Travel With the Speed of Life

From the time we are very young, we treat life as if it is this magical infinite thing. We rush through our days, it’s New Years, then suddenly Easter comes along. The next thing you know you’ve got Summer Holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas. Then knocking at your door right away is New Years once again. And before you know it an entire year has passed you by. Where did all the time go? This can’t be happening. You must have dreamt it. But no, it was not a dream. It was all very real, although it may seem you can’t quite remember much that happened. What have you been doing with your time? Maybe you were too busy being a kid, maybe you were too busy with work, or maybe you were too busy doing nothing to realize how much precious time you were losing. You want the time back. You wish you could go back a few years sometimes and experience the un-lived activities of your past. You want to remember your past. But you are always so busy looking ahead. Looking ahead to what you can achieve then. What you want to happen and what you will make happen.
Sometimes I wish I could speed up time. Others I wish I could slow it down. The last few years of my life have been a complete blur, and I can’t remember anything significant that happened. I guess in the last few years I have just been so busy trying to move on with life, to leave behind what I had at the time. I wanted more. I wasn’t happy with the present because I knew that the future held bigger and better things. Or so I thought. The problem with that is that you will always want the bigger and better things, and if you believe that that is what the future holds, you are always wanting the future and never truly happy with what you have in the present. After realizing this, I feel I am more happy with my present life. Although I know there are things that will change in the future, that is just exactly what they will do. There will be no bigger or better, just an evolution of my life now. And I am happy with that : )

T a r o


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Toronto Raptors Deserved to Lose

Yes, we deserved it. As much I am a Toronto fan, I truly believe that the better team will ALWAYS come out on top.

I was excited that I might have the chance to go see Game 6 when they come to Toronto. But the excitement vanished and was quickly replace by anger and frustration when the Raptors started falling apart in the 4th quarter. It seems as if all of our players choke when it comes down to crunch time. There’s no one on the Raptors I trust to carry us through because no one can step up during critical situations! Our “Franchise Player” Chris Bosh is so fuckin’ inconsistent and every time he touch the ball I get hit by an overwhelming feeling of worry. To my SHOCKING surprise Carlos Delfino play the majority of the 4th quarter. He contributed with his free-throws and had a couple good penetrations to the basket that put Dwight Howard in foul trouble, what bothered me the most was that he seems to think that he’s become the “go-to” guy on the team (I mean I understand that no one is taking charge but come on, Delfino! you’re not even in the starting lineup!) Delfino’s 6 for 6 from the free throw line seems to be enough of a confidence boost that he decided to start jacking up shots in the final minutes! What the fuck. No one seems to be confident when the pressure is on, which goes back to my point that NO ONE can be trusted down the stretch. Case in point: Jose Calderon had a good opportunity when he dribble penetrated to beat his defender on the perimeter and had what is a fairly open mid-range jumper but decided to pass it out last second to… Carlos “Michael Jordan” Delfino who despite shooting 38% from the 3 point line during the regular season and 26.7% in this series decided to jack up yet another 3 pointer.

Another reason why we lost. Bosh is too fucking skinny and Dwight Howard is a beast. Dwight Howard has been the biggest match up problem for the Raptors; every time when he touch the ball all the attention goes to him and the ENTIRE Raptors defense collapse on him (even Carlos Delfino leaves his man and goes contribute his 6’6″ body to “help out”) and if Dwight Howard hasn’t dunked the shit out of the rim by now he kicks it out to someone who is WIDE open (the guy Delfino’s guarding) for him to pop an OPEN three. Seriously, Bosh is one skinny motherfucker. Dwight Howard is listed as 6’11” and 265 lbs. and Chris “chopstick” Bosh is listed as 6’10” and 230 lbs. I don’t know what’s holding Chris Bosh back from putting on weight, does he do part-time runway modeling?


I am torn about the second round on one end I hope the Orlando Magic get raped but on the other hand I hope to see other teams get raped by Dwight The MANBeast so they can FEEL our pain. I don’t know what else to say… I don’t know what to be excited about for next year but it’d be interesting seeing what kind of moves Bryan Colangelo will make this summer.

Kev (Taro has a heart thingy I feel like I should have something too)

P.S. It’s almost 7am and I haven’t slept yet.


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Last night I had a dream. An unusual dream, but I guess most dreams are fairly weird no matter what right? Our minds can come up with some strange things while we sleep. Actually I had two dreams last night. The first dream I had was no stranger to me. It’s a recurring dream I have often, but lately haven’t experienced it in a while. It’s that dream where I am in the end drowned by a brown bear. I’ll tell it from the beginning.

Usually it starts off with me walking with a goat into this little foresty area that is by one of the football parks I used to be at a lot when I was younger, because my brother played and my dad coached. The entrance to this little area is really quite far away from where the actual game was being held, way on the other side of the park and no one can see us. We go in and it’s really different from how it actually is of course. The trees are those super huge red sequoia trees, thick with leaves far, far up so that barely any sunlight comes in. Everything has sort of a red tinge to it from the trees. The goat and I start walking around, just exploring and checking things out. It’s really pretty in there. We hear the odd shuffling from far away every once in a while but just write it off as the normal activities of little creatures. It starts to get dark so me and the goat are trying to find our way back out. For some reason the way we came in no longer exists, so we have to find another way out. I can see a clearance in the trees with light coming through, so I know that it’s a way out. The only problem is that we have to go through a small valley in the middle of this little forest. And in that dip there are 2 huge brown bears pacing back and forth. I’m trying to see another way to get to the other side but of course I have to go through this bear pit. Me and the goat look at each other and slowly and quietly start to walk down the slope in to the valley. Why the hell we expected the bears not to hear or see us I have no idea. Of course they did. They start making their bear noises at us (what would you call that? Growling? I guess…) and charge at us. Scared to death, we start running super fast (this whole time the goat is on a leash that I am holding) and make it to the other side and up the slope. The bears continue to chase us. When we emerge on the other side I realize that this wasn’t a way out at all. All of a sudden there is a huge steep mountain in front of us, and the forest has disappeared behind us. We are now on a small island maybe 100m in diameter with this steep mountain in the middle. So where the hell should we go but up? We start running/climbing up this mountain as fast as we can. One of the bears gets the goat, this is a super traumatic event for me because apparently this goat was my only confidant. He understood me. I understood him. So as I am crying, and can barely see because of the tears clouding my vision, I keep going up. When I get to the top I realize there is nowhere else for me to go but down now, so I roll down the other side of this rocky, jagged mountain. I start running around the mountain and there are waves coming in and out of the tiny shoreline. You know how hard it is to run on wet sand? Well imagine that difficulty x5, just because my dreams like to fuck with my head. For some reason there is only about 2 feet of shoreline before it just drops down to super deep water with god knows what swimming around in it. I look back to see if the bears are still there, and one still is. So I keep running in circles around this mountain but take a wrong step and fall into the scary black water. I start swimming despite my fear and anxiety about what is living in this water. I look back once again and there is the bear, right behind me. He lifts his huge paw out of the water and slams it down onto my head. I go under water and that’s where the dream ends.

So that’s the first one. The second one was a lot shorter. I was at a Goo Goo dolls concert concert (I actually had to google this to make sure the song that they kept playing over and over again was theirs. How did my brain know that they sing this song but *I* did not? So weird man). Anyways, they kept playing Iris over and over again and I know all the words so I was singin’ along of course. For some reason there were only like…20 maybe 30 people there. And only I was singing so they made me go up on stage and sing. That’s about all that happened in that dream. It was fun.

The whole point of this post was to say that I want to try something called “image rehearsal therapy” for the bear dream. It consists of this:

1. Write out the text of the nightmare
2. Create a new ending for the nightmare story and write it out
3. Rehearse the new version of the story in your imagination each night just before going to sleep
4. Perform a relaxation exercise

Tonight I will try this and see what happens!

♥ Taro

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Please Don’t Tickle me to Death

[Kevin, you need to get writing. You have more free time than I do and yet I am the only one writing. (I guess you just have nothing to write about) Although soon I will probably forget about this when I start work. Come on man! Don’t make me have to change the name to just Taro 🙂 ]

I know I am Canadian, but this makes me laugh.

Number of states in which giving or receiving oral sex is illegal: 19

This is one of those funny laws that people may or may not know about, but even if they did who is going to abide by that law? It’s like that law that states it’s illegal to keep a horse in a bathtub in some place. (who would do that anyways? I don’t think a horse would fit in a bathtub..) I think one of my favourite ones would have to be a weird law from Virginia. Believe it or not, there is a law that states it is illegal to tickle a woman. (I WISH! Being tickled is one of the worst things that can happen to you if you are ticklish, yet you can’t stop laughing, which sort if indicates that you like it. EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T! I think that actually being tickled to death would be the worst way to die. Although I am not quite sure how that would work. Can you actually be tickled to death?** ) Anyways, I just happened to stumble upon that little tidbit. An interesting fact: in Kansas, Missouri, and Indiana oral sex is classified as sodomy. You can go to jail for being caught participating in oral sex for no less than one year. How crazy is that? Also, in Washington state, it is illegal to have sex with a virgin, even on a wedding night. How did they plan on keeping the state populated? Since I have always known about weird laws in the U.S., I decided to check out what kind of weird laws we have here in Canada. And, oddly enough, we don’t have that many weird laws. I mean, they are sort of weird but no where to the extent of absurdity as laws in the States. Ours our just laws like “it is illegal to pay something that is 50 cents with pennies” and “if you have a water trough in your front yard it must be filled by 5am”, and apparently it is illegal to climb trees. If so, I have broken the law more times than I had previously thought. Oh, and two more things, in B.C. it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch, and you can’t drag a dead horse down Yonge St. on a Sunday in Toronto. Damnit. There go my plans for the weekend.

**I did a little research, and apparently some guy says that it is possible to be “tickled to death” because of the laughing.1 ,000 people in some place called Tanganyika suffered a mass laughing fit lasting several days in 1963.When you are laughing you can’t eat or sleep or drink so most people ended up dying from exhaustion or starvation. You can read more if you like about this interesting article.

♥ Taro

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Thoughts, Observances and a Cool Bird

Ever have the urge to write? But you don’t quite know what you want to write? Maybe you’ve got some confusing thoughts in your head and you feel that writing them will help you sort them out, or maybe something is bothering you and making you angry but you have no way to voice these thoughts except to yourself. Maybe you’re just super happy and can’t contain the excitement and happiness you feel.

I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now, but I just feel like writing. I seem to do that a lot. Usually what I end up writing about is something that is bothering me, or why I am so happy at the moment. I think that’s kind of boring to write in a blog. Right now I am sitting on my couch, laptop in my lap. The t.v. is on, Everyday Italian with Mrs. I-Love-to-show-my-cleavage Giada de Laurentiis. The dog is laying under a table that has a huge aloe plant on it in front of the window, usually he lays on the window bench. The postman just walked by, but apparently we have no mail today. I really like sitting here and being able to see out the window, see things that are going on in the street. The windows are open so I can hear my neighbours talking, although I can’t really understand them because they have heavy Newfie accents. People seem to move a lot around here. There is always a house for sale. Some really ugly people just moved into the house across the street. They have a cute dog though, all small and white with curly fluffy hair.

I feel like baking something right now. But what? I already made cupcakes. I think making cupcakes is my favourite thing, just because you get to decorate them at the end. I find that very relaxing. No matter how bad of a day I have had, if I make and decorate some cupcakes I usually feel fine afterwards. It really gets rid of your stress somehow. I love scooping up a knife-full of that glossy, sugary mess and spreading it smooth on the cupcake. No matter how you decorate a cupcake, it will always look cute and pretty.

This was a bad post. Here is a picture of a cool bird/duck I found.

♥ Taro

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Yay shared blog!

Edit, edit, edit. What a useless first post. The First Post should be something amazing. Something special to mark the start of a new born blog (of the millions already) on the internet. The only exciting thing I can think of is…..

I made cupcakes today!

♥ Taro

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