Toronto Raptors Deserved to Lose

Yes, we deserved it. As much I am a Toronto fan, I truly believe that the better team will ALWAYS come out on top.

I was excited that I might have the chance to go see Game 6 when they come to Toronto. But the excitement vanished and was quickly replace by anger and frustration when the Raptors started falling apart in the 4th quarter. It seems as if all of our players choke when it comes down to crunch time. There’s no one on the Raptors I trust to carry us through because no one can step up during critical situations! Our “Franchise Player” Chris Bosh is so fuckin’ inconsistent and every time he touch the ball I get hit by an overwhelming feeling of worry. To my SHOCKING surprise Carlos Delfino play the majority of the 4th quarter. He contributed with his free-throws and had a couple good penetrations to the basket that put Dwight Howard in foul trouble, what bothered me the most was that he seems to think that he’s become the “go-to” guy on the team (I mean I understand that no one is taking charge but come on, Delfino! you’re not even in the starting lineup!) Delfino’s 6 for 6 from the free throw line seems to be enough of a confidence boost that he decided to start jacking up shots in the final minutes! What the fuck. No one seems to be confident when the pressure is on, which goes back to my point that NO ONE can be trusted down the stretch. Case in point: Jose Calderon had a good opportunity when he dribble penetrated to beat his defender on the perimeter and had what is a fairly open mid-range jumper but decided to pass it out last second to… Carlos “Michael Jordan” Delfino who despite shooting 38% from the 3 point line during the regular season and 26.7% in this series decided to jack up yet another 3 pointer.

Another reason why we lost. Bosh is too fucking skinny and Dwight Howard is a beast. Dwight Howard has been the biggest match up problem for the Raptors; every time when he touch the ball all the attention goes to him and the ENTIRE Raptors defense collapse on him (even Carlos Delfino leaves his man and goes contribute his 6’6″ body to “help out”) and if Dwight Howard hasn’t dunked the shit out of the rim by now he kicks it out to someone who is WIDE open (the guy Delfino’s guarding) for him to pop an OPEN three. Seriously, Bosh is one skinny motherfucker. Dwight Howard is listed as 6’11” and 265 lbs. and Chris “chopstick” Bosh is listed as 6’10” and 230 lbs. I don’t know what’s holding Chris Bosh back from putting on weight, does he do part-time runway modeling?


I am torn about the second round on one end I hope the Orlando Magic get raped but on the other hand I hope to see other teams get raped by Dwight The MANBeast so they can FEEL our pain. I don’t know what else to say… I don’t know what to be excited about for next year but it’d be interesting seeing what kind of moves Bryan Colangelo will make this summer.

Kev (Taro has a heart thingy I feel like I should have something too)

P.S. It’s almost 7am and I haven’t slept yet.



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2 responses to “Toronto Raptors Deserved to Lose

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  2. I have a question for you….

    From your own perspective as a Raps fan, how would you describe Carlos Delfino contribution overall?

    I would love to hear something from you…

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