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Math Is Easy.

False. If there is one thing in the world that I can’t do, it’s math. Even simple stuff. Giving me a math problem is like giving a fish the command to fly. (I am not including flying fish here. And besides, the longest a flying fish has ever gone was about 30 seconds. Not long enough to be considered flying in my books). I thought I was done with math when I took data management in grade 12. I have not done any type of math for the last two years and now I am expected to remember enough to pass a test. I can only answer 5 of the 24 sample questions. Am I in trouble here? You betcha! It’s a vicious cylcle I tell you. I see the questions, try to do them, realize I am not getting the right answer, get frustrated, move on to the next question, repeat. The hours of frustration that has been brought upon me because of math is countless. I always did super well in school, except for math. High 80’s and 90’s in everything else, and then you look at my math mark. 50%. Grade 9: 50%. Grade 10: 32%. Grade 11: 52%. Grade 12: 68%. And you better believe I was ridiculously proud of that 68% in grade 12. I had the same teacher for grades 9 and 10. He was not the greatest. Didn’t really teach you much, just put an example on the board and expected you to understand and be able to apply it to other questions. If you asked for help on your exam he pretty much did the question for you. I believe he gave me a 50 in grade 9 because he thought I was trying. By grade 10 he knew I just didn’t give a shit and failed me, gave me the mark I deserved. In grade 11 I had a very nice math teacher. She tried really hard to helpme to understand what I was doing, and I thought I did. But apparently not. She did know I was trying my hardest, so she passed me with a 52. I love her for it. In grade 12 I took the easiest math course available. Data management. I liked that class because with that kind of math, you can actually apply it to real life in some situations. Anyways, I am just rambling about math now, obviously procrastinating from doing my math work. I do not plan on finishing it. My test is in 3 days. Greeeeaaaaaaaat! Now I’m going to get put in a foundations course, and then have to take a normal level math course after that. How embarassing that I don’t function with math at the normal college/university level. I asked my friend Lawrence for help with my math. He wears those red suspenders on mondays, makes me laugh. When I asked the question he responded by throwing a large pitcher of tang at my head. Not the normal stuff either, the good kind with added vitamin C. That is his way of saying “no dice.”



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The love God has for you is greater than any kind of love you’ve ever experienced. God’s love for you is unconditional and ever lasting for God even loves your weaknesses. God created you and you have a special place in your heart that only god has the key to. God thinks fondly of you EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT. You do not need any other kind of love. God’s love for you is enough. God’s love is greater than your love for your child or the love your parents have for you. Experience God’s love for you through the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s all in the scripture. Read it.


*Some restrictions may apply to homosexuals, atheists, non-Christians, people who aren’t baptized, drug addicts, teenage mothers, members of the community who practice anal sex, people who have sex in general, women in revealing outfits, women in bikini, MTV viewers, Tom Hanks, Dan Brown (Satan), anyone who’ve read or seen the Da Vinci Code and everyone who’s having fun in life.

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Too Much

I have no idea how to deal with stress and frustration. No idea. And I am so full of both. From so many things I can’t even pin point what it is that is making me so flustered right now. Work, school, living arrangements, tests, deadlines, money. I really do not like it at all. One tiny bit. And most of it is stuff I can’t control, and others I can. Which is why it bothers me even more. Because then I am thinking to myself “why am I not dealing with this.” and then I get even more stressed and frustrated because I don’t know how to deal with it. And I cry. ” I read something that said that the way a person reacts to stress, and how they treat others and themselves during a stressful time is incredibly important to their well-being, their happiness, and to how others perceive them. if you turn to destructive activities when you are confronted with stress, then it is wise to examine that response and to try to transform your reaction into something more constructive. But I don’t quite know what this means. Or how it can help me. I am so lost. I just want to hide away at a nice place for 5 months. Yes, that’s right. I want to run away from my troubles instead of deal with them. Big deal.

♥ Taro

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しなん, Impossible

It is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to find a good taro cupcake recipe, or a taro swirl bread recipe on the internet. Most you find are ones that have been made up by people just for experimenting, so it looks like I might have to do the same. It is more common to find matcha cupcakes, or azuki cupcakes or whatever. You can hardly find any taro recipes. So I’ve decided I’ll make something with azuki beans.

I want to make anpan. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a Japanese sweet bun filled with sweet azuki bean paste, or anko. (there is also an anime called anpanman, a superhero whose head is made out of anpan…don’t ask.) I love anko. The name literally means bean bread. “an” is the red bean filling (anko) and “pan” is bread. So I went hunting in my hundreds of cook books, and found a recipe in one of my Japanese cookbooks. Who would have guessed? haha. It looked like it would work out really well. So the dough is proofing right now! I’m really excited to see if these work out well or not.

Now I miss learning Japanese again. It’s hard to do on your own. I can read and write some stuff probably at the level of a 5 year old hahaha. But my vocabulary is minimal and I don’t remember ANY of the 250 kanji I learned. I do still want to go to Japan some day. I’ll make it happen.

And I’ll post about how the anpan turns out. Hopefully well. I just feel the need to go on a baking frenzy. So that I shall do! And if I come up with a good taro cupcake recipe, I’ll post it for sure! Because I KNOW I am not the only person looking for one.


料理は得意です。 : )

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Taro’s Thoughts

Thought Number 0.

I have a feeling that Kevo will hate this blog layout I picked. I liked the header. He can SUCK IT! Kidding…but really…I don’t think we’ll ever agree on one that we BOTH actually like.

Thought Number 1.

I’m really happy that I can still hang out with my “ex-boyfriend”. I totally forgot how much of a good person he is. I love it when you remember how awesome someone was, and then you’re like to yourself “what the hell self! why did we not hang out with this person more often?”. I love those little reminders to myself that not everyone is a complete jerk.

Thought Number 2.

I like the sun. As long as I can choose if I want to be in it. I don’t like being burnt. Ouch! like right now. All lobster-like and whatnot…not fun! I like tanning. I love to just lay there in the sun with a cold drink and not have any worries in the world! Of course I usually fall asleep. I also love swimming. Especially in salt water pools. WAY better than chlorine. GET RID OF YOUR CHLORINE POOLS!

Thought Number 3.

I am really excited to have my own place. I can’t wait! Sure I might get lonely at times, but I sure do like to be by myself. I actually find it really exciting to budget for that kind of thing. How much I can spend on furniture, other household items, food, rent and whatnot. It’s fun and makes me feel super independent and grown up haha. I also love making lists, for things I need to get and things I already have, and then figuring out how I can get those items I need for the least amount of money. How exciting!

Thought Number 4.

I haven’t baked anything in a while. Nor have I updated my recipe blog. Oh boy, Tara, you are slacking in that department! But at work I was asked to make a Cake for our Canada Day party, and they will pay me for it!!! So I have a pretty good plan I think. I will make a white cake with those little red dots in it, make 2 layers cut in half, so 4 layers total. fill those layers with a raspberry buttercream filling, then ice the outside with just a white vanilla buttercream. And since it will be a rectangle, the cake will be the Canada flag! so I will use raspberries standing up on the cake for the red part. The sides and the maple leaf 🙂 I am so excited! I will definitely take pictures and put them on here.

Thought Number 5.

It is so mother fucking hot here. (pardon my french.) Today it was 40 degrees celcius. 40!!! And I work in a factory, so holy hell it gets pretty steamy in there. Everybody was red, sweaty and cranky. And right now, as I type this at 10:00pm, it is 29 degrees in my house. And the air conditioning is on. Hopefully by tomorrow morning it’s liveable.

Thought Number 6.

Why does my keyboard like to switch itself to french-canadian every once in a while? I know my laptop is easily converted for french people, but it does it on it’s own when I’m typing, so I don’t know what I am hitting that is making it do that…

Thought Number 7.

I miss Kevo! I could DEF use a hug. OH WAIT I change my mind. It’s far too hot for hugs. I think we would get stuck together.

That’s about it for now, tootaloo!


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I am so bored of my life right now. I am bored of the routine I have to do every single day. I don’t like my job, I hate working jobs I do not enjoy doing. I miss being on my own. I miss doing what I liked to be doing. I am scared about the future. The uncertainty. I’ve started a new exercise and eating regime. Hoping that will maybe add a little difference in my stupid routine that is life. I hate missing somebody so much. I hate things that consume my mind so that when I do stop thinking about it, something will remind me of what I was not wanting to think about, and then I can’t stop again. I know I have a good life. It’s just a very boring life. I want something more. I need something more but I don’t know what it is. I want to do things, I want to go out and about. I have honestly not spent any time with any of my friends since being home. I went out once with a friend. They are all so busy, with complete opposite schedules of me. And it SUCKS. I am so boreeeeeeed of not being with other people. blahhhhhhhh. Is summer almost over? no. fucking three months left. Three stupid months. I want my last week of work to be august 15th, the day before my birthday, so I can dick around for two weeks before going back to school. And by dick around I mean get my apartment all set up and me settled in and what not. Speaking of apartments, I need to ask a few people some questions.

I HATE MONEY. ha. stupid money. It only causes problems. Oh yah, I must apply for my visa today.

♥ Taro

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