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My Dog is a Sneaky Jerk

Whenever you see pictures of dogs on tv or on the internet they are always happy, they appear as if they’re smiling. So cute and happy! So I always want to have pictures of that of my dog. I get out the camera when Foster (that’s my dog) is in a happy mood and start taking pictures. This is cute! He looks so cute! So happy! And then when I go to upload the cute pictures of my dog, they aren’t cute at all. He looks so cranky in them. Tired. Sad. Upset. Why is my dog like this! He growls if you pet him too much, or sit beside him when he sleeps. Won’t let you touch his feet unless you say “let me see!” as if you are going to cut his nails. He hates birds. When we had the porcelain christmas village set up last year I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He snuck up to the table really slowly. He was watching me the whole time to make sure I didn’t see and ever so slowly picked up one of the figurines in his mouth and slowly backed away with it and pranced off into the hallway. So silly! He will pull washcloths off the side of the sink and chew holes in them, and will do the same with dish towels to lick them. And the oven mitts too. He opens the garbage can in the bathroom to eat snotty kleenex’s, he tries to lick the cat all the time (who is a cranky bitch and hates him) and he stares at me through my mirror to wake me up at night.

I love him. I love this weirdo jerk dog.

So here are some actual cute pictures of him.




I have way cuter ones but honestly I am too lazy to search through all my pictures right now as my laptop is being mighty slow.

(heart symbol that never shows up unless I copy and paste and I’m too lazy to do that) Taro


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Christmas Wish List

It has been tradition in my family for years to make a Christmas list every year. When we were little it was for Santa, and of course it still is today 😉 But these days we use Christmas to ask for things that we need, and maybe some things that we would like. Christmas is and always has been my favourite holiday. It’s not so much a holiday as it is a feeling though. I love the snow, I love when everything is covered in a thick blanket of fresh white snow, bright lights are shining through, things are decorated with holly and mistletoe, garland, wreathes, I love it all so much. And of course, the Christmas tree. There is nothing better than laying on the ground in the dark with nothing but the lights of the Christmas tree on and having a nap! I always have the best naps that way.

So anyways, this year my Christmas wish list is different. I can’t ask for baking related stuff, I can’t ask for anything big. I am going to be asking for small things that I can take with me and will be useful while I am in North Carolina for a year. And really there are only about 5 things. Some things I know my parents probably will not get me, but it’s fun to have them on your list anyways 🙂

1. uggs1 Grey crochet Uggs. I know they are super comfortable although somewhat ugly haha, but I just want a warm boot that doesn’t need to protect my feet from snow, since where I am going barely has any.

2. berberth This super soft blanket/throw I saw at Quilts Etc. One side is kind of velvety, and the other side is a fake fuzzy fur type thing. So soft and thick. To keep me warm and remind me of home while I am gone!

3. camera The sony cybershot DSCT77 in brown. I’ve read mixed reviews about it so far though..I might change my mind on the model. I would just like a better camera to capture all the fun moments of my year away.

4. earrings These beautiful Swarovski crystal  “Points of Light Moonlight” earrings. Okay, so these won’t be really useful on my trip except for making me sparkle, but I barely have any earrings and I don’t want my ears to close! I just like sparkley simple earrings like this in general 😛      Plus they aren’t made of nickel, so no allergic reaction! I also think they are sooooooo pretty. I know my parents won’t get them for me though. Maybe I will buy them for myself on boxing day 🙂

5.  premierplus5web1 Prepaid International Calling Cards so that I can call home without running up the family’s phone bill!

That’s basically it. I’m sure my mom will think of more useful things for me to bring with me. She always thinks of the important stuff that I forget 🙂


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