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Hi, My Name is Marvin. I am a Cat.


The title is exactly what he is saying.

Anyways. Just thought I’d add a little somethin’ somethin’ to this boring and dead blog.

I am actually back home. To the country I love. I hated it there. No way I’d be able to stay for a year. Also, I had another blog and was writing about my daily occurances there which included the demon child happenings.  The family found it some how and obv. didn’t like it so here I am! Back home in the great uncrowded country called Canada.  I will never in my life live in the US. If I marry someone, and they get a job there or whatever, they will know that I would not be going with them.

Here are some cat paws to brighten up my mood

Okay. Now that that’s out of the way I can ramble about my favourite food.

SOFT PRETZELS. Oh god I knew I loved them before but now I love them even more. I might be addicted to them. I’m going to make some tomorrow so that I can eat them ALL. And not share. Oh their butter goodness and deliciousness and soft squishy chewiness and butteriness and saltiness and OH GOD I could go on forever in an even longer run on sentence. I love soft pretzels. I have an addiction. I love them. I love love love them.

The end.




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