Some small amounts of information about the authors, Kevin and Taro


I love to bake. Absolutely adore it. I love to try out new recipes, new ideas I come up with myself, and learning from the process. I love the fact that something so delicious can come out of the simplest of ingredients. Baking is a way for me to forget about everything else in the world and just focus on what I am doing at that time, whether it be rolling out croissant dough, icing a cake, experimenting with flavours, or baking up a batch of simple oatmeal cookies.  I am aiming to go to pastry school in the near future, and eventually in my life have my own pastry shop. It will be a difficult journey, but I’m excited for the road ahead of me.


Completely abandoned this blog. As he does with every other blog he has/had.


One response to “Authors

  1. Rin

    Hello Taro-kun!
    You won’t know me. Probably. Unless you’re psychic or something ^_-. Anyway, I’m crazy, and I just wanted to know if you had dark eyes and black hair? And if you had black hair, is it long? How long? And do you have a long, aristocratic nose? Are you tall? Do you favor the color black? ^-^ If none of this applies to you (you poor man), please just feel free to ignore it. As I’ve said, I’m crazy. I just did this for me.

    Ja mata!

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