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My top 10 smells

1) Yeasty bread dough
There is just something so comforting to me about the smell of a bread dough. I Love the smell of active yeast.
2) Fresh cut grass
It smells green. It just smells green. And fresh. There is no way to describe it really.
3) Clean wet laundry
The smell of laundry in general is awesome, but when it’s wet and it smells cold at the same time? LOVE IT! Sometimes I think I am addicted to that smell. I can’t get enough of it.
4) Clean dry laundry
Not as good as wet laundry, but it brings a feeling of warmth and comfort.
5) Coffee, ground and brewed
It’s so strong, smells earthy and natural.
6) Ironing
Maybe it has to do with the whole “clean laundry” thing with me, but I love it when my mom is ironing and it makes the whole main floor smell like hot ironing and spray starch.
7) Puppies
All new puppies smell somewhat the same. They don’t smell like dog yet, and their breath smells warm and sweet.
8 ) Matches/fire
Either a campfire or the smell of when you just blew out a match. Smells so raw and powerful.
9) New car smell
I guess it’s really just new anything smell. Car, book, shoes, leather, couch. It all smells good.
10) Your favourite person at the moment (besides yourself, of course!)
The smell of them when you can’t be with them comforts you, and makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. This would obviously be different for everyone.

People these days are obsessed with smells. We cover up smells in our homes and on our bodies with sprays, washes and perfumes laden with heavy scents. We wash our floors with pine scented liquids and sprinkle flower scented powders over our carpets to help it smell “fresh”. We wash our hair with flowers, our bodies with mountain spring water, and use sprays of sugar, mint, orange peel, flower bouquets, aqua and pine forest to make us smell “good”. We cover up all of our natural smells that might be considered dirty or gross. Even our laundry is washed in heavily scented powders or liquids. All of these smells on a person combine to make one mix of a whole bunch of indistinguishable smells. You can pick out one or two of them, but most likely you just associate all of the smells as a whole. And each person will smell different, even if they are using the same shampoos, body washes, deodorants, sprays or perfumes. Because every individual has their own smell. That is why perfume or cologne smells different on every person.
That’s how I remember people, by how they smell. Each person in my family has their own distinct smell.

Mom: vinegar, sweet anti-bacterial soap, and clean water.
Sister: Lilies, vanilla and the smell of light spring air.
Dad: Gasoline, cigarette smoke and Irish spring body wash.
Brother: Sleep, coconut and soap.

(*Something I have never noticed before: I remember them all by three major smells. )

I love having the ability to smell. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could not smell? You’d be missing out on so much.
I also remember certain events by how it smelled at the time. I only remember a few things about going to Florida when I was 5, but I remember how the house smelled, and how Disney World smelled. I remember going to Cuba, and the smell of the resort and the beach. I remember what my house smelled like the day I got my acceptance letter to University. (I was so nervous because I did not think I was going to get in.) And I remember what my dog, Foster, smelled like when I brought him home, and how he developed a different smell after being here for a week. If I couldn’t smell things, I think I would go insane.

I figured a picture of Pepe Le Pew (with Le Mew) was perfect for a post about smells.

♥ Taro


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