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Sweet Potato Pie

I was watching Paula Deen on the food network a few days ago, and they were talking about sweet potato pie. I’ve never had it, and actually had never heard of it, so of course it sounded interesting to me. I wondered what it would taste like and I figured it would be something like a sweeter version of the yams* my mom makes at Christmas and Thanksgiving for my sister, but in a pie crust. I figured I had nothing to lose if I made one, someone would eat it if it didn’t go over well at my house. So I turned to one of my favourite recipe websites, allrecipes! And I found one with a lot of reviews and a 5 star rating. So I made it! The only thing I did differently was add a bit of flour because it was REALLY runny, and I put the mixture through the blender to smooth it out as it had a lot of sweet potato lumps in it.
Here is the link to the recipe! It’s really yummy 🙂

I did have a slight problem however…The first inch of the crust on the bottom of the pie pan was stuck and would not move. I have no idea how this happened. But I couldn’t even cut out a nice slice since the first part of the crust would stay on the pan, and the slice would be falling apart. I had to do something to salvage this delicious pie! And I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if  I had a big 8 inch round biscuit/cookie cutter?”. And since I don’t, I thought cutting out small circles would be just a cute, if not cuter since they’re small! So I did, and I managed to get most of the pie back to an appetizing appearance. Only a small bit was un-salvageable and had to be thrown away. The end product would have been much cuter had I had some whipped cream to pipe in a fluffy mound on top and sprinkle with cinnamon. Oh well! Now I know for next time. But here is a picture of what is left of the saved pie.

I did a messy job at cutting out the circles!

But at least it tasted good! So:

I give this recipe 4 Pastry Mice out of 5!

Next time, BROWNIES! mmmm!!!


*I really don’t know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, I looked it up on Google and just got more confused 🙂

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A Cake Experiment

There were some left over egg whites in the fridge from when I made a cake for work, and my mom had just asked me to do something with them while her and my dad went golfing. “Make a sponge cake or something” she says. So I start hunting for a good sponge cake recipe. And of course I can’t find any, and I lost the one I used to use all the time. It was absolutely perfect and such a shame I can not find it anymore. Anyways, I settle on a recipe I find, and the only review it has is 1 out of 5. (I didn’t even notice this until the cake was in the oven.) It calls for 12 egg whites and 8 or 9 egg yolks. I only have 4 egg whites in the fridge, and I know there are only a few more eggs in the fridge, so I only use 4 eggs, making in total 8 egg whites and 4 egg yolks. I follow the recipe and while doing so, decide I don’t want a boring old plain favoured cake. So into the egg white mixture I add some coconut. And in the egg yolk mixture I beat in some lemon juice. And before putting the batter in the pan, I put some raspberries on the bottom. I spoon in the batter, and sink a few more raspberries into that. I put it in the oven and wait. In the meantime, I decide that the lemon flavour probably won’t be strong enough. I only want a light flavour of lemon though, but I only put a small amount of lemon juice in the batter itself. So I decide to make a syrup to brush over the cake when it comes out of the oven. I throw some sugar, lemon juice, and raspberries in a pot and put it on the stove over medium heat. Let it come to a gentle simmer, and then strain out the raspberries and the seeds. Leaving only the most beautiful light pink coloured syrup I have ever seen. I not only want the lemon and subtle raspberry flavour to soak into the cake, but I also want that beautiful colour. It’s so pretty!

I sit around, playing solitaire, petting the dog, painting my nails while waiting for the cake to be done. I can smell it, and good god does it smell good. I can only hope that it tastes as good as it smells. What I do know though is that the syrup tastes really, really, amazingly good. And I am proud of myself for not using a recipe to make it! haha.

So the cake finally comes out of the oven, and of course I have to wait a little bit longer for it to cool a bit. I give it half an hour, I can’t wait any longer. And I turn the cake out of the pan. It looks good. Didn’t sink like the person who reviewed the recipe said. The raspberries on the top look pretty. I cut myself a piece (of course! who else would try it to make sure it doesn’t taste like crap before I feed it to my family.) and put some of the lemon/raspberry sauce on top. Sprinkle it with a bit of icing sugar, and dig in. The texture is good. The cake itself is lacking flavour (maybe coconut extract next time and omit the lemon? yum!) but with the raspberries and coconut inside as well as the syrup on top, overall the cake is pretty damn good.


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