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I Travel With the Speed of Life

From the time we are very young, we treat life as if it is this magical infinite thing. We rush through our days, it’s New Years, then suddenly Easter comes along. The next thing you know you’ve got Summer Holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas. Then knocking at your door right away is New Years once again. And before you know it an entire year has passed you by. Where did all the time go? This can’t be happening. You must have dreamt it. But no, it was not a dream. It was all very real, although it may seem you can’t quite remember much that happened. What have you been doing with your time? Maybe you were too busy being a kid, maybe you were too busy with work, or maybe you were too busy doing nothing to realize how much precious time you were losing. You want the time back. You wish you could go back a few years sometimes and experience the un-lived activities of your past. You want to remember your past. But you are always so busy looking ahead. Looking ahead to what you can achieve then. What you want to happen and what you will make happen.
Sometimes I wish I could speed up time. Others I wish I could slow it down. The last few years of my life have been a complete blur, and I can’t remember anything significant that happened. I guess in the last few years I have just been so busy trying to move on with life, to leave behind what I had at the time. I wanted more. I wasn’t happy with the present because I knew that the future held bigger and better things. Or so I thought. The problem with that is that you will always want the bigger and better things, and if you believe that that is what the future holds, you are always wanting the future and never truly happy with what you have in the present. After realizing this, I feel I am more happy with my present life. Although I know there are things that will change in the future, that is just exactly what they will do. There will be no bigger or better, just an evolution of my life now. And I am happy with that : )

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